Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0, AMD 990X, SAM3+, DDR3, PCIe 2.0 (x16), Quad SLi Crossfire


Product Overview


These new motherboards on the AMD chipset based platform support both multi-GPU technologies AMD CrossFireX™ and NVIDIA® SLI™. The M5A99X EVO series offers unsurpassed compatibility with new AMD AM3+ socket CPUs, whilst also being backwards compatible with the previous generation AM3 CPU. The M5A/99 core series is equipped with DIP2, which features DIGI+ VRM technology in addition to the TPU and EPU. DIGI+ VRM power delivery allows users to precisely adjust and control power settings digitally for precise power control and flexible tuning of their system, perfectly serving the AM3+ CPU specification's power demand. Digital control differs from analogue controls by eliminating digital to analogue conversion lag, which helps to improve overclocking capabilities. This means precise power flow adjustment and management as well as easy and flexible tuning including extra DRAM power control for the AMD platform. It is the most precise power delivery available, providing the best-in-class in power efficiency, performance and stability while also helping to maximize the overall overclocking potential.

Also included on the M5A99X EVO is the intuitive UEFI BIOS menu interface. UEFI BIOS allows a user to control and adjust their BIOS settings through the use of a mouse-enabled interface for more user-friendly navigation. The built-in EZ Mode option also provides a drag-and-drop boot priority option, for easier management of boot devices.




ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 2 with DIGI+ VRM:

-DIGI+VRM - Industry leading Digital 6+2 Phase Power Design

-EPU with Switch -

-TPU with Auto Tuning and TurboV: Providing simple steps to easy overclocking.


UEFI BIOS(EZ Mode): Flexible & Easy BIOS Interface.


Front Panel USB 3.0 Support: Easy storage access.


MemOK!: Quickly ensures memory boot compatibility.


AI Suite II: One-stop Access to All Innovative ASUS Software.


Ai Charger+: Ensure reliable mobile phone charging.


ASUS Q-Connector: Easily access your PCI-E connectors.


ASUS Q-Shield: Protect yourself from EMI.




ASUS Q-Slot: Make Connection Quick and Accurate!


ASUS Q-DIMM: Make Connection Quick and Accurate!


O.C. Profile: Allows you to store multiple Bios images.


EZ Flash 2: Easily update your systems bios firmware.


ASUS MyLogo 2: Customize your boot screen.


Precision Tweaker 2: Easily tune your PC system performance.


Fan Xpert: Smart thermal control via fan speed detection.

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